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Beat imposter syndrome and
build self confidence

Mindset Techniques and Hypnotherapy session

Wed 22nd Nov 7.30 - 9.00 pm

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Transform into someone who sleeps easily every night.

Mindset and nutrition tips, EFT (Tapping) and hypnotherapy 

Online ZOOM

Wed 5th Dec 8 - 10pm 

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Group sessions to be scheduled

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This is for you if you experience imposter syndrome, have low self confidence or self worth or tend to put yourself down rather than build yourself up. 


First you'll learn tools and techniques to beat and manage self limiting thoughts followed by an online Hypnotherapy session to reprogramme the NEW YOU (the real you - stepping into your potential).


* Learn techniques to retrain your mind to automatically think positive, self empowering thoughts.

* Understand the daily / weekly practice to make big changes to how you think and feel.

* 45 minute online hypnotherapy session.

* Post session hypnosis recording to listen to and embed the new healthy habits (of being kind to yourself and building your confidence).

This is for you if you experience insomnia - if you struggle falling asleep and want to be able to sleep easily and soundly at night.

First half of the session will include:

* Learn techniques to retrain your mind and reset back to someone who is a good sleeper

* Experience Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) for changing subconscious thought patterns relating to sleep

The second half of the session will include:

* Hypnotherapy designed to create new sleep behaviours to allow you to fall asleep easily and sleep soundly. You can listen to this part in bed if you wish!

Post session recordings will be available to continue to listen to the hypnosis recording to embed the new sleep behaviour plus guidance on a continued EFT practice.

* Support through the peri-menopause and menopause through hypnotherapy.

* Manage anxiety and stress through mindset techniques and hypnosis.

* Build confidence through mindset techniques and hypnosis. 

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