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Group sessions
In person and online 

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healthy habits through NLP & hypnosis

online via zoom

* Promote healthy eating choices & stop snacking.
* Develop motivation for exercise. 

30 day programme including
Course of 2 x online sessions (live or playback) and library of hypnotherapy recordings plus NLP technique tutorials 

2 online sessions in June to help you feel good for the summer! Sign up now and you can listen live or at your leisure at a later date. 

The sessions have been designed to promote healthy eating habits, choosing nourishing foods rather than processed sugary food. We'll then work on your motivation to exercise more, whether that be gentle or higher intensive exercise. We'll get your mindset in the right place to make the healthy choices so you can become a fitter, healthier version of you!
Session 1 Learn techniques to retrain your brain to focus on making healthy choices rather than sabotage! Understand the root cause and trigger for unhelpful decisions relating to food. Associate new patterns of behaviour with the triggers. 
We'll go through a number of techniques in the first half of the session to promote healthy habits. The second half of the session, through hypnosis, works on changing thought patterns and behaviours around food. 
Session 2 will focus on building motivation for exercise. Using the same format as session 1, we'll go through a number of mindset techniques to build motivation to exercise. The second half of the session, through hypnosis, will continue to embed new thought patterns to generate positive behaviours so you are determined to eat well and exercise every week.

You can dial in live to the sessions or if you miss them, you have life time access of the recordings. After the event, you'll have the videos of the tools and techniques plus a variety of hypnotherapy recordings to continue to embed the healthy habits and develop a fitter, healthier version of you. 

Session 1 wed 12th June 7.30pm to 9pm

session 2 wed 26th June 7.30pm to 9pm

To book and pay for both sessions (£33)
click on the button below and scroll to the event. 

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foster a positive mindset
online session Tuesday 9th July 

This transformational session with me and Meeta (Coach and EFT Practitioner) will help you learn and experience powerful techniques to help promote a positive mindset. You can then take these science based tools into your daily lives to help with any of life's challenges as well as help you feel differently about yourself - building self belief and self worth.


This is for you if you are a worrier, if you think about the worst possible outcome, if you tend to think negatively about yourself or a situation, if you overthink..... or if you want to bring more happiness into your life, live more positively, think and feel better and step into your true potential.


First you'll learn breath work techniques, NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) and positive psychology tools and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) all to enable you to make big changes in your life by improving your mental and emotional wellbeing. 


What's included in the 1.5 hour session?


* Learn techniques to retrain your mind.

* Experience techniques to take into your daily or weekly practice (self care and self development is an ongoing practice!)

* Sharing circle - understanding that it's not just you that experiences different issues and emotions.

* Feel a shift in how you think and feel in the session and be empowered to leave with a new or reinforced set of tools for self care and self development.


The session is online via ZOOM and you can watch live or the playback - you'll have lifetime access to the video tutorials on the techniques plus additional resources including meditations for stress, overthinking and boosting self confidence. 

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Public speaking anxiety
Course of 2 x  sessions  

These online downloadable sessions have been designed to manage fear, anxiety or worry around public speaking, presentations, speaking up in team meetings or social situations.
Session 1 addresses the anxious thoughts and physiological symptoms associated with public speaking. When we start to change our thoughts around speaking out in public, we can change how we feel and manage any physical symptoms such as racing heart, foggy head, clammy hands, blushing.
We'll go through a number of techniques to disassociate the stress response with public speaking and go through coping techniques to generate a calm response.
The second half of the session, through hypnotherapy, aims to generate new positive thought processes to associate positive and calming thoughts with public speaking.
Session 2 will focus on building confidence relating to public speaking. Using the same principles and approaches from session 1, through positive self talk, visualisations and mental rehearsal, we will build confidence in any situation where speaking in public is required.
The second half, using hypnotherapy as a modality will boost confidence, mentally rehearse presentations and build confidence for any situation involving public speaking. By the end of the two sessions, you'll have a toolkit of techniques plus hypnotherapy recordings to help reduce anxious thoughts or stress around public speaking which if practiced, leads to feelings of neutrality or even slightly looking forward to speaking out! 

To purchase click the button (£33)

What Our Clients Say

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Lisa has been absolutely key in my self development focus over the past few months. Lisa provided a number of day to day techniques to help me reframe my thinking, and I benefitted from hypnotherapy sessions to help unpick some of what was happening at work. Lisa is approachable, professional and inspiring and I have gained so much from working with her.
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